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I'm juz an ordinary girl next door.. I Luv everything under the sun..

Wat I believe is dat learning is a journey and not a destination.. So everyone listen here "keep learning till u can't learn anymore"..

And one more thing.. No one can change the fact dat I am who I am..*wink*

Luvs watching movies and listening to music (mostly hindi but I do listen to other languages as well..)

Luvs reading interesting books (suspense, horror, investigative, romance & more)

Luvs learning new things (sports, games, languages & more)..

Thankfully (with god's will) my mum & dad have been happily married for 23 years ..

I've an elder sister who is juz 1 year older than me & she also happen to be my close fren. We share & keep secrets among each other even though our characters are poles apart (strange huh!)..

Frens?? Well.. Lots of them but the closes one are 'DAMES'.. DAMES consist of 5 members including myself.. The rest are my cousin sister, 2 godsisters & my sister.. I also have 3 school frens dat I still keep in touch till 2day.. Collegues and ex-collegues are part of my frens list too.. Well of course I won't forget my chatter's frens as well...

Everyone I met and be fren with have somehow (in a way or another) contribute his/her role in part of my life-story... Do u agree??