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AimsFax User FAQ
1. When importing of *.add files for broadcast, can the “Completed Import” screen be disabled
No. The screen is to indicate the completion of Import and to request for User Confirmation to send the message.

2. After importing addresses for Broadcast, can the submission of file screen be minimized?
No. TheSubmission screen is a file-transfer of the broadcast address, and need to be active on screen.

3. Can the system identify and restrict the importing of same add file for the current message during broadcasting?
No. The system does not keep track of the file imported.

4. Can the import function select several add for importing at one go?
No. Only one file can be selected at one time

AimsFax Technical FAQ

1. AimsFax Modem INIT String Setup
Setup the fax device as follows:
Reset = AT&D2
Init = AT&FE0V1&C1&D2S0=0
For your office line that does not have dial tone,
Init = AT&FE0V1&C1&D2X0S0=0

2. Fax Error Codes
The possible error codes with the associated string are in the following
FAXERR_ACK = 1, "Command wasn't acknowledged with OK"
FAXERR_BADFAXMODEM = 2, "Not a Class 1/2/2.0 Faxmodem"
FAXERR_INIT = 3, "Error Initializing Modem"
FAXERR_FDIS = 4, "Bad FDIS Settings"
FAXERR_FLID = 5, "Error setting Local ID"
FAXERR_DIAL = 6, "Error Dialing"
FAXERR_FCON_ERR = 7, "Error connecting to remote fax system"
FAXERR_FCSI = 8, "Bad FCSI String"
FAXERR_NEG_FDIS = 9, "Error receiving negotiated FDIS"
FAXERR_BADSTATE = 10, "Bad State"
FAXERR_BUSY = 11, "Line Busy"
FAXERR_NODIALTONE = 12, "No Dialtone"
FAXERR_NOCONNECT = 13, "Didnt Connect with remote system"
FAXERR_CANCEL = 14, "Cancelled by user"
FAXERR_FPTS = 15, "Bad or No FPTS when expected"
FAXERR_FHNG = 16, "Bad or missing FHNG code"
FAXERR_FDCS = 17, "FDCS not found"
FAXERR_ERROR = 18, "No Response to Command"
FAXERR_FILE = 19, "Invalid Fax File"
FAXERR_VERSION = 20, "Incompatible DLL versions"
FAXERR_TIMEOUT = 21, "Timeout During Send/Receive"
FAXERR_NO_MPS_RESP = 22, "No Response to MPS signal"
FAXERR_NO_EOP_RESP = 23, "No Response to EOP signal"
FAXERR_NOTRAIN = 24, "Unable to train with remote system"
FAXERR_PORTINIT = 25, "Unable to open/initialize comm port"
FAXERR_KILLED = 26, "Fax Port Killed"
FAXERR_NO_DIL = 1001, "Couldn't Load Import Library for image"
FAXERR_BAD_FORMAT = 1002, "Non Monochrome image"
FAXERR_READ_ERR = 1003, "Error reading image file"
FAXERR_WRITE_ERR = 1004 "Error writing Image File"