Established in 1991, Accede Technology Pte Ltd, Accede excercise based on a simple philosophy,
"We Believe Everyone is differnet, so Everyone's need is different".
In Accede, we identify your needs and not just your neccessities.
Our IT solutions are customized to meet every requirement.
Inaddition , our expertise in communications enables us to provide a specialized service to this vital industry.
AIMS is solely created by Accede to computerized Telex and Fax,
Integrates all form of communication into one single interface,
With a wide base of customer (client-list),
AIMS had proven itself as a vital communication software in this technology environment.

Current office environment functions using a fax machine to send/receive faxes
while maintaining a separate email server for email services.
* Manual faxing disallows direct faxing from Desktop applications like MSWord, MSExcel,
*User need to print out and fax.
* Filing of Faxes is tedious and non-electronic
*Faxes can only be redirected through manual faxing
* Status of fax require user to verify on the fax machine Fax Number database is stored within fax machine,
*Backup from system is not possible

With regards to the few pointers above, there’s several more inconvenience that users are facing today
As such, Aimsfax One Box Solution is developed to eliminate all these pointers and to provide an efficient and effective Office environment.One Box Solution allows user to send/receive fax/email through the use of a single interface, Outlook Express.
AimsFax integrates both fax and email into one single gateway to achieve the integration.

With the use of AimsFax, some of the benefits is as follows:
- Forward received faxes out as email
- Easy backup of Fax together with email - Consolidate fax address together with Emaail address as one database
- Optional automated printing of faxes
> -Paper are not wasted on Junk faxes
- Filing of faxes is simple like email
- Use of Outlook avoids complex training session
- Status of fax through email notificationss

For user without Email/LAN system implemented currently,
AimsFax provides the opportunity to start a full-fledged
Email and Fax Network with a low network setup cost

Using Microsoft Outlook as the Client program, AimsFax allows user to send/receive Fax just like an email.
With simple and non-complicated training,
User will be able to enjoy the beauty of integrated communication system in no time

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