Singapore Marathon 2004 (071203)
This year's marathon is my first.. i did not know how i would perform but the aim was to complete the whole of 42km.
These are mostly the Sentosa colleagues that completed the marathon. During the race, guys fatter than me, pretty gals and old men run pass me... imagine how tired i was. But the feeling is great.
This is the finishing line and the end of suffering... during the race, 1km seem like 2 km after the 25km...
Ong, came back the last.. but admire his fighting spirit cos he didn't even train at all and went for the full marathon... Overall the race was great, as people from different nationality ran together and cheered u on along the way. At the end of the race, u get to talk to people of different nationality and countries with their great smiles and enthusiasms... the same feeling as when one is backpacking...