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28 December 2004 Tuesday
jus gonna put down wat happened these 2 days and my thoughts on some stuff....
went to escape theme park yesterday. came back with a dizzy head. old already lah. julia was much too excited yesterday for all the rides. rite, julia? i couldn't win a stuffed toy dinosaur for my 'nephew' sad. he likes my burger king dinosaur but i like it too so i din give it to him. so guilty. last nite when i closed my eyes, i kept feeling like i was on the rides. especially rainbow and the pirate ship. now feeling a little giddy.... baaaaaah
went to the upper bukit timah maybank today. opened a fixed deposit joint account with my mum. the person serving us was eugene tan. quite handsome. but his tie was not tied properly. very funny. the computers they have at the bank is so old. it hanged halfway. eugene kept complaining tt the com was 'lan'. another lady came and helped my mum fill up the form. quite pretty. she kept staring at us. then finally she said tt i looked very familiar. i always visit tt maybank with my dad. it turned out tt the lady noes my dad and served my dad before. cool. then my mum told the person tt this bank was always visited by my dad and grandpa and she told the lady abt my grandpa doing smth embarrasing at tt bank. funny story.
i was very bored yest so i went to siqi's blog and started to click on the 'next blog' button. amazing discovery- about 85% of the blogs i went to were singaporean blogs. and their blogs were so easily recognisable by the language they used. one look and i knew tt the blogger is a singaporean. u should clicking the 'next blog' button continuously one day too. pretty fun to see wat pple write on their blogs.
jus one last announcement: i have decided to officially update my new blogskin on the 1st january 2005!! great date to change blogskin huh?! so cya then!!

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