Welcome to the website on Sunspots! This website is especially created as a project for our module GEM1506K (Heavenly Mathematics: Highlights of Cultural Astronomy) of the National University of Singapore. In this module, we saw that the Sun has great influence on our planet Earth. This spurred us to "explore" the sun further -- by looking at one of the most easily observable features on the Sun... Sunspots.

In this website, we set out to relate the knowledge we acquired by looking at the sun "closely". In the coming pages, you will be taken on a journey into the various aspects of Sunspots.

We have divided the core of the website into 3 main parts: HISTORY, THEORY and EFFECTS.

In the HISTORY section, we will be exploring the discoveries, knowledge and ideas, that was made by the people in the past. And they were made without the usage of the present sophisticated equipment.

In the THEORY section, there are two subtopics - the Sun and Sunspots. We will go deeper into the structure of the Sun in an effort to understand Sunspots and other related phenomenons.

In the EFFECTS section, we will explore the effects of Sunspots on Earth and us, human beings.

Want to know more about us? Check out the MISCELLANEOUS section. ^^

Thank you for visiting this website. We hope you have found what you were looking for. HAPPY SURFING!!


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