...Love Of My Life...

Found the love of my life on Chinese Valentine Day, 15th February 2003. That was the first time I came to know that there is someone's shoulders on this earth that my head would fit nicely onto and slept soundly. "Just like two pieces of perfect jig-saw puzzles!", I thought. He was overjoyed when I agreed to be his girlfriend. Hahaha, I saw that grin on his face. Then he immediately told the whole world that we are a couple. But at that moment, I looked at his hands on mine, I had this little bit and pieces of confusions running through me, "Is this the guy for me?", this was what I had been asking myself the whole night and the whole of next day.
Started to know him during 1 of the rare "running into" incident at Orchard with Wendy and Huiping. He was their secondary school's senior. Then got to see him again on the Christmas gathering, New Year gathering and the following more gatherings.
During the courtship period, he would meet up with me and sent me home almost everyday after school. At that time, I am still not used to someone sending me home everyday, but it would do with the accompany during my long hour bus trip home. In the beginning he told me that he only feels for me, hahaha, but in the end it turned out that he was kind of "head over heels" for me.

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