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How many times had you written something right from the dept of your heart?
Writing is my life and my habit. Words and feelings flow out from my finger tips to the witness of plain papers. Dairies, articles and letters, are all my witness in life. With my life in my hands and my eyes watching back at all the events of life, I wrote with peacefulness and passions, letters by letters, words by words.
Many of the articles which I wrote, I wrote it in Chinese. Chinese is my Mother language, something which I had managed to mastered and scored in my younger days. First gotten my Chinese articles published in the year 2000, on Zao Bao, NOW section. That was my first step to success and soon after, more and more of my articles achieved recognitions.
Currently looking forward for a chance to publish my own book, something to call my own and to share with the world of where the Chinese are.

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