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Name: Austen Chua

Class: 210

Year: 2005

Index number: 6

School: Saint Joseph's

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Character Profile

Character Name; Van Hellspinx

Friends: Van Helsong and Van Hellsphinx

Enemies: All vampires

                   He met Van Helsong and Van Dam at the Vampire Hunters Head Quarters. The only reason why they met there was because he was paired up with these two other friends to go on a mission. It was to kill all vampires including the ever powerful Count Dracula. What he carries in his bag is a mystery to everyone including himself. He carries a toothbrush, a few stakes, a shotgun, a crossbow and some holy water.


                   They were on their way to Count Dracula’s castle when they spotted another vampire lurking suspiciously near the castle of the Count. Van Hellsphinx and the gang followed it and managed to corner it. Van Hellsphinx whipped out his crucifix and shattered the vampire into dust. Then, all of them started arguing who killed the vampire with the crucifix. Although they said that one another killed the vampire, deep down, Van Hellsphinx knew very well that he killed it.

                   They proceeded on to the Count’s castle when Van Dam fell and hurt his leg. He insisted on continuing the journey, but Van Helsong kept on insisting that they look for lots of food and lodging for the night. They all knew that he was the greediest in the group. Then, they spotted a gypsy caravan and asked if they could stay in it for the night. They gypsy gave them each a bed and food to eat. Van Helsong, because of his greediness, asked for Van Dam’s and Van Hellsphinx’s share of the food. In the end, Van Dam and Van Hellsphinx had nothing to eat but air. They took turns to watch out for each other as they slept peacefully in the night. All of a sudden, Van Helsong fell to the floor with an audible thump and slept like a pig. Then, Van Dam woke Van Helsong up from his drunk-like stupor. Then, he saw the gypsy looking at Van Hellsphinx. Van Dam took out his crossbow and pointed it at the gypsy,” don’t come any closer and stop looking at my friend or I’ll shoot you.” He said menacingly. Then, Van Helsong came and told Van Dam that the gypsy was not a vampire in disguise. He had always boasted that he was good at seeing through people (at least he thinks he is which obviously not true at all). The only thing that he is truthful about is his size. You cannot argue with that. He is the fattest and the greediest in the group. Even he does not argue with that fact.

          The next morning, Van Helsong said his farewells to the gypsy and left. They traveled on for days and nights without almost any sleep at all. Van Helsong had to eat. They found a bar at a small town and went in to drink. They got their food and left quickly. The people in there looked scary. They found out from an old lady nearby that that bar was a vampire bar. We started making plans to kill all of them at once. Van Hellsphinx got the others to take out all the flammable stuff in their bags and hand it to him. Van Hellsphinx rushed into the bar, laid all the things on the floor, took out a match. He lit it and threw it onto the flammable mound which he asked it in kerosene. The place exploded in flames. The flames engulfed the bar, Van Helsong, Van Dam and Van Hellsphinx.

          When Van Hellsphinx woke up from his unconsciousness, he did not see his friends. Thinking that they were dead, he left for the Castle Dracula.      

When Van Hellsphinx got there, he saw a vampire lurking near the woods of Castle Dracula. He immediately went after it. He chased it for one whole day in the forest. Finally, Van Hellsphinx cornered the vampire. He took out his crucifix and waved it madly at the vampire. He expected the vampire to shriek and burst out in ashes but no, it did not. Instead, it burst out in laughter. Van Hellsphinx got the shock of his life. Then, he realized that he was holding his toothbrush instead

. He quickly put it back into the bag and suddenly realized something. He had put the crucifix in the pile which exploded back at the inn, along with his crossbow, bolts, and all his stakes. He was left with one shotgun and a few bullets. It was going to be a tough fight. He loaded up his shotgun with one of his three bullets, took aim and fired. He missed by a hair inch. He loaded his next bullet, took aim and shot. He did a direct hit but did not manage to kill the vampire. The vampire was hopping here and there in pain and in hopes that Van Hellsphinx would miss. He opened fire a third time. He closed his eyes and shot the bullet. Then, silence. Eerie silence. He slowly opened his eyes. He saw a pile of ashes on the ground and jumped for joy. He went back to castle Dracula to rest for the night.

          The next morning, he was astounded to find that all his wounds from the fight had healed. He packed his stuff and went back to the Vampire Hunters Head Quarter to refill his stock of ammunition and daily necessities.

          The journey back was difficult and rough. Van Hellsphinx had to go without food for almost one week before he got back to the headquarters. Nevertheless, he got there. He shouted for the local chef to cook him a wide spread of food which he ate voraciously afterward. That one meal took Van Hellsphinx more than one and a half hours to finish. His stomach skin was too tight for him to walk so he had to be carried into to room to have a good nights sleep. From then on, Van Hellsphinx slept for three days and three nights. When he finally awoke, he went to the gents to do some business and then went to the weapons room. There, he took four stakes, a canister of oil, two shotguns, a lot of bullets and a pole for carrying all the things in a bag using a cloth wrapping. Then, he made a trip to the kitchen to get some items to drink and something to eat. Then, he packed a lot of dried food and water for the long journey.