1. Added a link to my blog
2. Added my last couple of rants. Future rants will be at my blog!


1. Changed site background colors to a less feminine silver as compared to the earlier bright yellow. eww what was i thinking ?? Also changed the font and font size.

2. Added a couple of my friends' websites to the links section (scroll to the bottom). Highy recommend Diana's website especially if you are thinking of a movie to watch she's basically a movie freak(i mean that in a good way) and posts movie reviews very regularly. You can also go to it from here .

Hi there people, this is my first attempt at a personal web site. I had all kind of dreams of how it was gonna be like; like it was going to have all these flashy stuff and great pictures of me buck naked but unfortunately for you all, laziness prevailed in the end so this is all I could bother with rite now. Just one thing , I got a weird(unfunny?) sense of humor so do not take everything on this website too seriously. My life is boring enuff as it is so I'm bound to add some white lies in there. But about the fact that gals call me Indian Stallion that's the honest truth I swear !!! OK Ya I kinda force them to call me that but so what, its the same thing ....

About me

OK this is like the only pic I have in my computer so it will have to do for now...anyway I'm the tall, dark but not very handsome guy on the right...

Favorite Links

  1. Allmusic.com
  2. Soccernet.com
  3. Football365.com
  4. Maxim.com
  5. Billboard.com

Friends' Websites

  1. Diana
  2. James
  3. Jhin Hin

If you wanna chat with me online ...

ICQ : 28473417

Yahoo: blacksnake78

MSN: nightcrawler78

AOL : knightcrawler78