This web page is made mainly for the purpose of introducing myself. So you will find more details of mine in the following pages, including my personal status, my works and some of my friends.

in the page "MY WORKS". You can find some computer based design works for construction field, including Architecture & Civil Structure. Actually, those works is a kind of technical graphics, but some of my friends call them ARTS.

In the page "MY FRIENDS", I put a private field that you need a password to log in. I know all your guys here could understand me, anyone must has some thing that can only show his or her friend, so if you really want to see what's sitting inside that private part, become my friend first.

If you have some comments or suggestion, please feel free to contact me. If you are running a website and have the same taste with me, I am also very glad to make a link with you.

I wish this web page can bring me more friends.

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Add a new section named "My Album". I put some travel photos of mine there. (18,Feb,2002)

Rebuild the section - "MY WORKS". (10 Feb, 2002)












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