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Tuesday, September 10, 2002

woooHoo...new revolution blog. wanna know url? ask me 1st...i' m sick of having prob with entries every now n then..

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Saturday, September 07, 2002

yesterday nite was a long nite, met up with 2 yandao dudes who make me so confuse..i had no idea who is who cos they both ka jiao ka jiao misleading de idenities of themselves. haha, cant be bother also. had a small chat b4 i left them in mac donald to rush up for another appointment with another friend elsewhere. hiya, who knows in de end, my friend left me to join his friend in chinablack.it wasnt what we planned earlier. =| . spend my time roaming around the streets from parklane to university of chiago graduate sch of business b4 gettin up a cab to head to bedok to meet my sch buddy for a late Nite chat...

i ended up at home close to 2am+ and landed myself in de toilet busy vomiting..think is de bread i got from 7-11. didnt had dinner earlier..perhaps my stomach couldnt accept de late bread i had. anyway i couldnt zz so chat with her again over de phone while she is out with her bro somewhere outside to settle some serious prob and i make sure she is safely hm b4 i zzz if not i will be worried to death cos is quite late liao and furthermore, i promise her bf to take care of her while she promise ted to take care of me b4 that they left for business trip in asterdam.

::posted by yiyi at 9/7/2002 01:09:15 PM

Thursday, September 05, 2002

ring ring ring ring...IGnore de call. beepbeep beep beep..Ignore Sms. turn around..zzzzzgrrrr..wake up n return call. damn..got to go back sch next sat for covo briefing n gown testing...LEceh. Transcript n projects can only be collect on that day..awww, any Strong man driving? wonder who wan help me carry such a heavy Box filled with projects. anyway..fenfen intro me a new friend a joker to cheer me up cos she kept thinking i am in a foul mood, ehy...i thot she was joking but she meant business. neverthless, it works...this fellow did cheer me up. Nice guy from de way i spoke to him...but damn cranky.

well..guess i am damn famous for my short-temper. even for new friends that i jus made recently, all could tell that i am a damn fucking fussy attitude problematic girl..whahaakahahahahahaa. 5:53pm...freaking fucking Bored..watch TV whole day..apart from reciving call from my employer and a call from printing service asking for my chinese name and recieving sms from friends and calls from him asking wtf i am doing and wtf he is doing...lalalaa....play game, surf net, wat else...sianz. here i am typing nonsense to kill time. hiya..anyway gt to buy a new housephone later cos i smash my room phone last nite... that Joker comment that i should get myself at least 3 phone spare jus like him. Joker Ted.

listening to ah du ~ tianTiankanDaoNi mp3

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Wednesday, September 04, 2002

this blog is giving tons n tons of problems from last nite. finally able to link fishyman now. haha *luaghing at myself for being so *yong gan. i was afraid that i might approach the wrong person but phew...was him alrite. hehehehe.

i think i had already lost count of the days i been sick till today. well, being sick is not funny at all cos i am struck at home for days. although yesterday i am dead drowsy n dun know why, i keep breaking out sweat. i decided to drop by de new office to discuss some work with my so call partner and went to site. sighz... doubts still revolving in my mind but some things are better kept inside unspoken. anyway, headed to rivervale mall to la kopi and busy bitchy gossip bout women, men. haha... char bors! what to do. was on the way home, received an sms from my very 1st bf. well..dun know to be glad that he still remember me or to be sad that why cant he jus get out of my memory...hiya, cant be bother anyway.

Listening to Shin ~ si le duo yao ai mp3

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Sunday, September 01, 2002

sigh..i am sick, very very sick. fallen ill on the day i resign till today, seen 2 doctors. hope will recover this time if not i cannot do many stuffs. cant even go check out my new office area. cant even go swim. cant even have a good meal. my fever keep coming back to me within this 3 days. almost lost my voice and keep coughing. hehe. heard that i pass the germs to my ex-manager also.

i couldnt attend my friend wedding lunch today. cant see how pretty de bride is, sighz,too sick to get out of bed. thank god that he accompany me go see doc n we had dinner together in the evening.

i am jealous...someone whom my family know for ages bought a new 8310 with line for my mummy sia. why never buy for me? anyway, it doesnt matter cos she say i can trade in her old hp. whahaha. but i rather someone buy for me cos i am freaking broke now after seeing almost 5 doctors this mth and i had totally no income after working for bout 1 mth. and oh ya, niel niel call up last nite after he learned that i was ill and he was glad that i resign.

::posted by yiyi at 9/1/2002 10:22:53 PM

Thursday, August 29, 2002

"Instead of waiting for life to get better, do something about it"

so here i am doing something liao, today i was given a rare chance by someone in order for me to view or perhaps a chance to have a slighty better perspective of life. decided to give it a try rather then to be in a showroom all de day long. *rather hunt for my own food then to sit in a hole waiting. of cos...nothing is not risky but if i dont do it, when will i ever know my strenght? Sometimes you just have to jump off the bridge and hope you learn how to fly on the way down. jus kana my last toe while typing this blog. nail crack n bleed. hmmf. why my toe and NOT someone else toe?

grrrrrrrrrr....many more stuffs to rant but dun know what to say or how to say.

::posted by yiyi at 8/29/2002 12:58:20 AM

Friday, August 23, 2002

this few days is problematic to me cos my brain is busy racing against my heart regarding many things, especially work, cant believe i even dream of my work last nite, wtf? perhaps probs lies on me. pisces are very sensitive... fucking stress n pissed lately..

been moving alot lately, for instance...went to check out de new pool place with ice n tae on monday.jus de kind of atmosphere tat i am looking for, however need to make membership card, anyway is free.lol. talking bout card, jus recieved my 77th street card. good lor..can do more shopping liao. shopping....sighz.. saw a pair of slipper super nice.

went to polyclinic on tues to do some check up and went to my ex-classmate workplace to check out her showroom. emmm... she kept a cat in her showroom. and and business wasnt tat good also. super tired but dun know why i refuse to go home, so meet up with ice for dinner.

yesterday lihua turn up at my showroom cos she dun believe tat a office/showroom will actually exist rite in de basement of a factory area. hahaha..surpise surpise. well, not going to say what is de main reason y she turn up. and went for a long dinner tok kok session with her b4 heading home.

as for today...not so bad at work. at least gt things to do , lol. 2molo, my worst nitemare is going to happen, hopefully everyhing will goes well for me. went to yishun safra for de 1st time of my life earlier. played pool with ice , had fun down there and almost luagh to death cos of his workmates. all jokers sia.

::posted by yiyi at 8/23/2002 12:55:42 AM

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