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:: ger : twenty : singapore::




Nickname: angel_^^ yiyi`


Name: H.Y Chew


Birthday: Better left unknown


Belong: A Chinese living on a sunny island named Singapore


Major in: Interior Design 


Love:Enjoy:Likes: Motorbikes Family Friends My pillow Salad *Him

       Pool Swimmin Laughter Sleepin Music Internet Movies 

Cats n Dogs Seafood Thai Food Tea Trills


Hates:Detests:Grrrr: Insects Disturbance Hypocrisy

Bad Hair Day PMS Loneliness 


Dreams: Some dreams came true some dreams shattered ...

I jus hope that I can live in all de dreams I have.

Nothing else matters anymore..

hmmf... jus some wishful thots

Face the reality



::Some Facts You May Want To Know ::

I admit that I am a very Jovial and outgoing person but many people doesn't know that  I am very subject to mood swings sometimes. My  personality is unpredictable. Damnz, I really wonder why am I so 
why i am so emotional.. haa.. Maybe that is the character of a Pisces.
I love Trills
 but why? I myself dun even know why... 
Maybe I need some excitement to sparkled up this dull life.

There are moments whereby I stunk in
to depression hating myself for the things that I wish I ever 
had done but I move on with life very fast. Is not that I dun feel sorry for myself or wat, the question is there really a need to revoke urself any more for what had already been done? certain situation yes but some no... 
I learn from every single falls.