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When I mention about the past, many of you would probably think that I'm going to talk about my childhood. Actually I'm going to introduce one of my interest to you. If you still haven't guessed what kind of interest I'm talking about, let me tell you now. It's archaeology.


Whenever I talk about archaeology, people would give me this queer look that often comes with the message " aren't you afraid of curses? " actually ancient mythology and tales about egypt is mysterious and alluring.I love to read about it and of course,one day I hope I can become an archaeologist.......but actually archaeologist are very poor people.Maybe that's why I study biotech.Another reason is that there's no place in singapore to dig.....if you do that you'll get fined.....or jail or both......hehehe

I love to read about how they preserved mummies. It's so so awesome!!!!! I mean, imagine that they does not have any modern knowledge about the human body and yet they can preserve it so well !!!

I love the way they describe about how they took out the human brain...... wanna know? they took a stick like object with a small hook on top and they insert it into your nose.....with a few motion of swinging the rod,they can rip your brain out through your nose!!!!! interesting huh?

When preserving the rest of the body, they took the body out and place it in 5 canopic jars. The jars have caps that are shaped after the egyptian gods. They took the parts of the body out like the liver, stomach, intestines and lungs.

The Canopic Jars of Mumab I
The Four Sons of Horus:


Guardian of the:              Liver                       Stomach                Intestines               Lungs

After that, they place a salt called natron in the cavity for a period of fourty days. After the fourty days had passed, the insides were filled with linen or sawdust. It is then wrapped in bandages with jewellery and amulets in between the layers.

A mask is placed over the head of the deceased by the embalmer. The embalmer will wear a jackal mask to represent anubis,who is the god of the dead. The body is then placed in a tomb and the priest will chant a prayer to "open the mouth" of the deceased. This will enable him to regain use of his body and to speak and eat again.

This is the body of a guy who is mummified by scientist just for the purpose of finding out how the ancient egyptian mummified the bodies. He died of a heart attack and was mummified with replicated ancient tools except that he does not have prayers from the priests. Poor guy huh?


The picture above shows part of an abstract of the book of the dead. The Book of the dead consist of prayers, spells and hymns that is used to guide and protect the deceased after his death. This section shows the deceased's spiritcoming before the god of the dead, osiris. The heart of the deceased heart is weigh to determine whether he can be awarded eternal life.

oops...I think I heard a few people groaning......sorry guys......I forgot to remind you not to take your lunch before you view my page.......LOL