Born                :  26 May 1997 (year of the Ox)
Favourite Food    :    Likes sphaghetti, fishball soup, steak, fries (very picky girl)
Favourite Artistes    :    Britney Spears, Ricky Martin, WestLife, Boyzone & SClub 7

    Baptism in church with luv ones     With godpa, godma & Fr Ignatius

                1 year old                                                           "vainy"

                                                     at East Coast Park

                                fun at the beach

                                                           2 years old

            with Humphrey Bear & Joni               Hmmmm.....yummy sphagetti

    in Penang with cousins

                                                           3 years old

                                having fun with starfish in Sentosa

                        fun in the zoo

touching pink dophins in Sentosa

Mummy's sweetie-pie

4 years old