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Classic Corporate, Joy & All...

As with all monumental occasions, everyone hopes to create a lasting impression. We offers a suite of services especially tailored for corporate events like openings, dinner & dances, receptions and company anniversaries...

Rates are based on either hourly or daily sessions. Depending on your need, we will customized a package for you. We believe in delivering personalized services to make your event a special one.

Henna tattoo artists teaching or recreating classic tribal or traditional designs for your guests? Your company or event logo 'imprinted' on your patrons to create that sense of what people call 'brand consciousness'? Handcrafted invites with Henna paintings? An artist to be stationed temporarily at your club to provide some 'drawing' power? An appreciation workshop to entertain the partners of your delegates while they are busy discussing the jargons in your industry? These are all part of a full suite of services that we can provide to enhance your event.

Call us for a non-obiligatory consultation @ 91820722 anytime. Body painting and other forms of entertainment arts are also available upon request. Please contact us for more information on this issue.