For those who don't want to consent to a lifelong branding, Henna tattooing can provide the same artistic fulfillment but without the pain or permanence of a real tattoo.

Besides conducting workshops for people with a genuine interest in the art of Henna, we also provide Henna tattooing sessions for the individual. With a mixture and a little creativity, it is possible to imprint the surface of your skin with a masterpiece that fades away gradually in up to three weeks.

Actual Application

Henna, otherwise known as Mendhi, is a tall, shrub-like plant that grows in hot, dry climates. It is grown mostly in Sudan, Egypt, India, most North African countries and Middle Eastern countries.

The leaves of the Henna plant are grounded into a powder and made into a paste. Once you decide on a design from our portfolios, our tattoo artist will create the exact sketch (with some variations upon your requests) to the destined location.

Duration / Fees

Depending on the size as well as the intricacies of the design, an average design application will take about 15 mins to complete. Charges will depend on the design chosen and can ranges from SGD 6 onwards per tattoo

Colors & Caution!

With Henna as the base for your selected design, the color of your tattoo should turn out to be a glorious dark brown depending on the area we create the tattoo.

Please note that we only use original Henna to create our tattoos. We do not use nor encourage the use of chemically treated Henna mixtures.


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