BIO TREAT Biotechnology Products enhance the natural breakdown of organic wastes into harmless carbon dioxide and water. Our products consist of scientifically formulated blends designed for use in a wide range of applications.

BIO TREAT Biotechnology Products helps combat many of the problems faced in restaurants and institutions, especially kitchens, restrooms and bathrooms.


BIO TREAT Biotechnology Products – Formulation
· Normal Use

Dry count is 500 Billion CFU per pound (or 1.0 billion CFU per gram).
Liquid count is 250 billion CFU per gallon (or 64.5 million CFU per ml). Grease Trap and Cleaning Products –
Unlike detergent-only cleaners, BIO TREAT Biotechnology Products contain stabilized bacteria for continuous removal of grease in drain lines and in the grease trap. The biological degradation of remaining food waste reduces odors, eliminates plumbing and pests problems.

The liquid blends have a bacteria count of 250 Billion CFU per gallon. The products contain nonionic surfactants, living bacteria and spores that produce specific enzymes. The surfactants are added in small quantities to enhance biological activity, It increases the surface area of the grease contact with water where bacteria are active, however not enough to emulsify grease, and to cause problems in downstream sewer lines.

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