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Ohiyo! Welcome to my Ikkoku-kan (一 刻 馆 ), this is my Homepage for Anime, lyrics & MIDIs, some Buddhism stuffs and some other links. Feel free to surf around and (please) drop me an e-mail or sign guestbook for some comments to enable me to improve on my HomePage. Have fun!
[This is not an official Website for any Anime, lyrics or MIDIs!]


Hi, everybody. Life in poly is really busy, somehow is fun too. Now I'm trying to update my stuffs by bites & pieces. Yo! Ya know a Korean group, H.O.T.? It's a worth buying Korean CD! So, check it out!
Lookout for the coming up Screen Saver Download, they were made by myself. Some with background sound or MIDI too!
What a pitty that, a 7 years old J-Pop band group, JUDY AND MARY, has out their Latest and Last Album, SWAP.

Ciao! ^_^X

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Bruce Lee - The Legendary Dragon
[2001 - 28th Death Anniversary]

Ayumi Hamasaki



Jackie Chan

Jet Li

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