Songs of the Week
1. Penny and Me -Hanson

2. Jia -Nan Quan Ma Ma

3. Accidentally in Love -Counting Crows

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28 September 2004, 1846h

added a new version of friends section.. more to be added soon.. click here!

22 August 2004, 1239h

updated friends section and uploaded a few pictures here

6 June 2004, 2044h

Racial Harmony Day Pictures Click HERE
6 June 2004, 2044h

Updated friends section. Click HERE!

5 June 2004, 1818h

Added more new quizzes. Click HERE! Updated songs of the week.

17 May 2004, 1919h

Blogger. Click here

13 May 2004, 2021h

I'm back once again. Blog's updated as usual. Click here

13 April 2004, 1759h

For some information on what Mdm Tan did to my A Maths Practice Book, click HERE

12 April 2004, 1823h

I might not be updating blog as yahoo or geocities US serious lags or my com has a problem.. My Sincere Apologies...

8 April 2004, 2033h

Updated songs of the week

21 March 2004, 1213h

Uploaded 4 pictures... taken when i was in primary school... young tender age.. sheesh

14 March 2004, 2003h

Now playing... Blue's Breathe Easy... Lyrics available Here

11 March 2004, 2023h

Wanted to blog but unable to... dunno wad the hell is wrong wif geocities US

29 February 2004, 1049h

Added the tagboard into the blog page!

15 February 2004, 1304h

Updated friends section...

7 February 2004, 1653h

BBq pictures uploaded... click here!

24 January 2004, 1745h

Chinese New Year Outing to Mrs Leong's house pictures uploaded... click here!

20 January 2004, 1745h

Added a composition about Love. It's only a first draft... comments are greatly welcomed... click HERE

10 January 2004, 2032h

Updated at the exact same time as yesterday haha... updated frens section... sorry last time i update at wrong server... now got more elaboration on Perth ppl and Others

9 January 2004, 2032h

Uploaded 2 pics... more to come.. thanks to the generous one haha...

31 December 2003, 1441h

Updated quiz section wif a quiz...

28 December 2003, 2121h

Updated friends section...check it out hee!

27 December 2003, 1842h

Changed background music to Jason Mraz's You And I Both... enjoy...

19 December 2003, 1835h

Added a picture under Miscellaneous...

18 December 2003, 1236h

Changed the look of the december blog... a lil bit of xmas look...i think it will remain liddat till i find a better background hehe...

17 December 2003, 1846h

Uploaded some pictures of a rainbow and pictures i took in Myanmar... u can click on the picture for a bigger one but i dun think there is a need hehe

1 December 2003, 1658h

Added a comment link at the blogger...From December'03 onwards it will be there, pls make full use of it and give ur comments! u will find the comment link at the end of each blog entry...

1 December 2003, 0904h

Uploaded 1 Perth picture...Classified the pictures into sections for easier least it looks neater... Anyone can send me ur baby pics pls? =D

29 November 2003, 1816h

Uploaded the 3 pics that were good out of the other lousy stuff i took...all 3 r scenery pics...enjoy... updated links page...linked to more ppl website n blog...if u dun want to be linked notify me thru sms or msn..thx

28 November 2003, 2213h

Some pictures of Perth updated...courtesy of Kai Sheng...thanks!

15 November 2003, 0954h

Updated a very small portion of the friends section....

10 November 2003, 1831h

Updated frens page...added more names...if i left ur name out...sorry...will add it in next time...

8 November 2003, 2110h

Changed the music to Michelle Branch's Breathe...lyrics available HERE

7 November 2003, 1753h

Changed server to Geocities Singapore to facilitate the downloading of the music...yes it is MUCH faster(personal opinion)

6 November 2003, 1905h

Hee...just a public appeal to all visitors...pls pls pls sign my guestbook for fun or provide some comments haha...juz wanna noe who drops by and stuff me some support then i can make this site better wif yer comments...hehe thanks!

27 October 2003, 1905h

Updated songs of the week...i am thinking of putting no.1 the jap anime song hehe...maybe i go ask ard see if anyone's against it...

26 October 2003, 1500h

2 quizzes added...

24 October 2003, 1005h

Changed server to freewebs...blogger and pictures still based on it is a mixed of both servers and i think it shouldn't overload so easily le la...

22 October 2003, 1910h

Uploaded this yrs class pics...

19 October 2003, 1410h

Changed the background music to Jewel's Stand...enjoy...lyrics are available here...

18 October 2003, 1415h

Updated songs of the week...

17 October 2003, 1950h

Yoz...i am back le comp shood be ok i guess...definitely less laggier than b4...woot...u will be able to see more of me...

11 October 2003, 1945h

I won't be updating this website till 16 October as my new comp needs to get formatted(using old one now) and exams are already good luck! Hope to see you soon!

24 September 2003, 1915h

Uploaded my composition...found under links...feel free to tell me that it sux(i noe it does hehe)...changed background...

22 September 2003, 1910h

Uploaded one more pic...if u guys wanna see more pics...juz pass me urs and i will upload hehe

19 September 2003, 1550h

Hmm...uploaded 2 pics...thanks to the person haha...ya pls keep the pictures coming...they r gladly appreciated!

18 September 2003, 1745h

Uploaded new music..."Sleeping With The Lights On" by Busted...enjoy=D...u might haf to wait for it to download on ur comp cuz it is a few mb...

16 September 2003, 1650h

Added 2 pics...

13 September 2003, 1815h

Made blogger neater and clearer...removed a bug on the music...pushed up the sing my guestbook thing so i hope more ppl will sign hehe...changed the updates colour to a easier to see one

12 September 2003, 1800h

If you stay at Blogger>>>September long enough like around 5 mins(depending on ur internet connection), u might hear music=D...Added "Songs of the Week" and updated blogger and biography...pls sign guestbook...u can sign more than once thx

7 September 2003, 1646h

Added another survey or quiz in the Quiz section...Ya and pls sign my guestbook after viewing the website.........

2 September 2003, 1740h

Added those kinda survey or quiz stuff about urself one...found under the Quiz section...

1 September 2003, 2020h

Added something i received in an email wif my personal's found in the links part...

23 August 2003, 1655h

Ok...i added a comments link to the guestbook...yes u can post more than once...and added a "back to top" thingy at the blogger...i did some minor changes in font colour...add a bit of stuff in biography hehe...

17 August 2003, 1540h

Hmm...thought that i post this major update before i do really forget...ok first update...added one quiz...second update...changed the background to a slightly brighter background for the more frequently used pages=P(change brighter le hor haha)...third update is i decided to create a link for the blogger into separate months...i think this is quite major le hehe...yah and pls send more pics for me to upload to spice tis place up baby pic or teen pic anything aso can=D

15 August 2003, 1420h

Very long never add something le...thanks to my friend...i uploaded 3 pictures...happy viewing...yah i dunno the other people in the picture except for my friend...mentioned this to avoid any stupid misunderstandings...

7 August 2003, 2014h

Uploaded 2 new pics (some of u shood noe who) and for those pics wif a lot of ppl added a link to it so u can view the bigger usual blogger will be updated...

5 August 2003, 1927h

I updated the Friends section and added a few more pics...Who's that person in the pic...i guess i haf to remain confidential as if it was ur pic...u wouldnt want ur name to be said...wont u? Blogger i try to update daily...thats all for today...and pls remember to sign my guestbook pls...

3 August 2003, 1803h

Yeah! Oh my god! Everything is up and going...just lack a few content here and there...if you see any mistakes or typo errors, just tell me k? yah...pls provide ur comments, post stuff at the tagboard and sign my guestbook too...thanks=D (updated the cursor thingy...enjoy=D)

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