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The syllabus have undergone changes in recent years.

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Educatiq Tution Agency is being operated and managed by a former school teacher.

Our Philosophy

Every student is valuable and deserves whatever help he should get outside school to help him achieve his best at the examinations.

Every tutor is a partner to us and will be professional in carrying out his duties.

We looking for you if you are:

Qualified full time or part time tutors

NIE trained teachers

Graduates and undergraduates

Types of Assignments available :

Primary – all subjects

Lower Secondary – English, Maths, Science, Chinese, Geography etc

Upper Secondary – English, A/E Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Combined Science etc

JC – Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, General Paper etc

Our Rates

It depends on your qualifications as well as your experience as a tutor.




$10 - $35 / hr


$30 – $60 / hr


$35 - $100 / hr

We charge you :

30% for your 1st to 3rd assignment

25% for all subsequent assignments

What are you waiting for ? Join us now.

How to register ?

You can call us at 90012995.

Or drop us an email at educatiq@yahoo.com.sg. Please leave your name, contact number, the levels and subjects that you may wish to teach and we will get back to you shortly.


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