What is Expected of You?

It’s Performance-based Syllabus The attitude of learning the concept of the tools, practising the skills and its application in the given tasks.


What is Mircosoft Office?

Microsoft Office is a collection of programs or a suite of programs that work together and having similar interface of common features, menu choices, and screen display, so that you can customise applications to suit your needs, even though the programs accomplish entirely different goals.

In Excel 2000, you create a financial table in Word 2000 letter by printed output or electronic mail. Otherwise, you can present in Powerpoint 2000 or as an interactive database system in Access 2000, or view as a web page with Internet Explorer, and hold schedules and meetings with Outlook 2000.



Terminology in Windows Applications? Program Integration and Data Sharing OLE/ActiveX/COM

OLE stands for Object Linking and Embedding, and describes the technology that lets Windows applications share data files.


ActiveX refers to controls, such as command buttons and check boxes, that lets software programs interact with one another.

COM stands for Common Object Model that lets OLE and ActiveX objects communicate with each other.



What is the Learning Objective?



What is the Outline?



What is the Microlesson Website?





What are Your Expected Skills/Attitudes?

Expected Skills - using the to click, drag and drop on the highlighted cells, right mouse click, cut and paste, copy and paste, insert object, to link with Windows source document to destination Windows document, using the to type, and the methods of instruction on how to use the Windows application tools.


Expected Attitudes - learning the basic concept, using the techniques to practise on the exercises, and you adopt the most preferred learning style.



What are Our Training & Guides?

Edwin : We don’t teach or don't get you the right answers. We shall follow the Steps of ...


. Please Stop, go to Your Courseware and We Explain.


Your Courseware covers everything on the .


We Explain : How to start the journey by using the to click (navigate), the to type (correct), and the methods (your expected skills).


. Please Stop, We .


We : How to use the menu command or toolbars, how to use the to click, how to apply the methods, next your attitude to understand the basic concept (your expected knowledge).


. Please Do Together According To Our


Our : Do what We . If you can't do it, Please Stop! Don't Do! Relax! Let us complete the full excercise.

Understand the concept first, and We again if necessary and requested.

Don't worry, we will always repeat the same concept and repeat with another new exercise for better understanding.



Your Responsibilities in the Learning?

It is perfectly all right to make mistakes. It is perfectly all right to get lost. It is perfectly all right to be angry. Relax and have fun, and don't try too hard, otherwise you will be very stressful, worried and angry.

You can stop if you think you have enough, otherwise try again. Accept that there are other ways of finding what you want. If you feel that it is difficult, or heavy-going, or angry STOP – because you are LEARNING a new KNOWLEDGE, a new ATTITUDE will evolve.

Start again, don’t give up. We will give you the Tips on How Not to get Lost and don't be angry.



Main Objective?

Edwin Koh : Remember to Relax, and Have Fun, and Learn New Skills, Acquire New Attitudes, and Apply New Knowledge in Your Journey to New Destination and Discovery.




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