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Real Bamboo-shoot Soon Kueh - Rarely available


Soon Kueh series
Traditional Soon Kueh Bamboo Shoot Soon Kueh Ku Chye Kueh Cabbage   Soon Kueh Mushroom Soon Kueh
Teochew Delight
Yam Cake  (Orr Kueh) Orr-Nee Teochew    Png Kueh Chwee Kueh
Local Delights

Onde Onde Steamed Glutinous Rice Chee Cheong Fun Abacus Seed 

Party Favourties

Fried Bee Hoon Home-made Fish Ball Deep Fried Cuttlefish Ball Grilled Chicken Wing

Festival Favourites

Bingyan's    Bak Chang Flaky Spiral Yam Mooncake



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All prices quoted self-collect at Bt Panjang or Pending LRT stn.

Delivery charges (can be arrange on request)

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