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3 Sep 2002

Jesus Christ is Alive and He is coming again!

I like to share a few recent incidents in my life.  The purpose and reason is to edify the church not to lose sight or hope of the rapture especially to the pastor who appeared twice in my dream ;-)

On 21 Aug 02 morning (Wed night), I had an unusual dream which I remembered when I woke up.  In the dream, I dream that I was floating in the air and so was Pastor Joseph Prince.  This is the second time (after more than 2 years) that I had him in my dream again and I personally do not know him (except for Pastor Joshua - who met me after the first dream and Pastor Henry - met during a church member father's funeral).  In fact, I was chatting with a Buddhist friend on the Internet that I mentioned to him regarding the dream. 
26 Aug 2002 (recorded in my yahoo chat log)
johnngm (05:09:02 PM): do you know i have an unusual dream on last Wed or Thurs
ryip2k2 (05:08:56 PM): what abt
johnngm (05:09:28 PM): i dream about my pastor again and this is the second time!
ryip2k2 (05:09:37 PM): do u remember every single word he said?
johnngm (05:10:20 PM): no this time - i dream i learn to float in the air and he too is floating in the air!!!
ryip2k2 (05:10:31 PM): it is best to be able to remember ur dreams.

This incidence was somehow connected to a series of events happening to my life lately.  Each day was like an adventure with God doing spiritual work.  There are too many to write it down...

On Sat 31 Aug 2002,   I had an unusual encounter when I did my prayer walk around my estate after taking breakfast  (good to do some walking exercise).  Before this, I was impressed in my spirit that Christians can experienced the ascension like Christ (it was given to me when I was searching the internet for Christian songs and lyrics) - on hindsight now, I begin to understand it might mean the rapture which we are believing God for.  After walking "haphazardly" as the Spirit leads in no definite path and direction around the estate, I felt in my spirit that it is time to return home.  I was singing and praising God all the while I was walking.  Just about to return to my home, I stopped to pray in my heart for some children who was playing while waiting for “it” (I did not know) and less than a minute, a van turned up from "nowhere" (I did not noticed it coming) and stopped in front of me and there I saw emblazoned in big letter "ASCENSION Kindergarten" - must be a kindergarten run by a church.  I was dumbfounded at the "coincidence" of the word ASCENSION that brought to mind what happens a few days ago in my internet search.

On Sunday morning (1 Sept 02), in my spirit I felt the calling as the "eleventh hour worker" (freelance) called by the Lord as I was sharing/reasoning with my wife as we were walking to NEW CREATION CHURCH for the Hillsongs concert.  This was confirmed when the preacher from Hillsongs (Pastor Brian Houston), shared about the passage from Matt 20:1-12 the parable of the workers in the vineyard !  Another coincidence?

Yesterday 2 Sep 02 Monday, I was worshipping the Lord, praying in tongues and praising Him around my estate in Bishan in the morning.  I longed for God to show me something unusual again that morning.  Nothing spectacular happened however and I went back home and listened to my audio Bible which lately became a burning desire to be better equipped.  I had been listening systematically from Gospel of John and today was listening to chapter 6 over and over again (as is my style since last week) on my HiFi.  It was noon, and while the word of God was read by ..., I heard the sound of thunder rolling.  At first I dismissed it as just another raining occasion (as lately was in my area).  But as the chapter is repeated, I noticed that it begins to coincide with the thoughts and verses read!  And because it was repeated, I also noticed that the thunder rolling was unusually long for the duration.  I began to write it down on the paper what I "received as from the Lord" when the "coincidence" (emphasis) happened.

It begins with the thoughts I received and each time I repeat the thoughts, there was the sound of thunder rolling in reponse!
"I come to unite all things under Christ"  (this was the keynote that was repeated a few times)
"Christ the Lord has sent me" 
"I am the Bread who came down from Heaven"  Jn 6:51
"This is the work of God that you believe in the one He has sent" Jn 6:29
These are the key repeated words (there may have been others but it did not catch my attention) and I tested it by repeating and seeing if there was any audible response from the thunder.  Although it was a "long" thundering session as that chapter was repeated more that once (maybe thrice), surprisingly there was no heavy downpour of rain in my area that day (but there was raining spells for the past few days).

I did not put much significant until today (3 Sep 02) when a fellow Christian at a lunchtime Christian meeting told me that two sisters he knows recently had visions of the rapture from the Bible.  Then I began to realize that my dream could be connected to the rapture!  In my dream I remember that it was so "easy" to fly - just by relaxing and letting the Spirit lifts you up.  I also shared with him the words I had received which I kept in my Bible.  The missionary from China (Kevin Graves of Target Ministries) was sharing from book of Isaiah 45:1-8 which greatly encouraged me to respond to the Almighty God.  After the lunch meeting, it was impressed on my heart that what I had received might encouraged fellow brothers in particular the pastor who appeared twice in my dream ;-)

This is my third experience with thunder and the thoughts that comes with it.  My first visible experience was many years back during the night when I was woken up and was praying to God - during that time I was going through a rough patch in my life.  The second time was when I invited some Seventh Day Adventist to my home for a Bible discussion and there was rain, thunder and lightning during the visit and discussion.

I came from a Methodist background and was led to NEW CREATION CHURCH (more than 2 years ago) because of the church’s love for Jesus and a word of prophesy that God would used me outside of my home church.  This was confirmed by a subsequent dream (first) I had of Pastor Joseph Prince.

There are a few other thoughts which I cannot elaborate too much here:-
1) God would like all to build an altar of worship in their heart and in their home.  Filled His temple with praise and spiritual songs (songs that uplifted their spirit).
2) God would like the ladies in the church to be like the Virgin Mary (emulate her!) and be a handmaid of the Lord.
3) God would like the men to beware of seducing spirits that are out in force in this “period” of time.  They will bring you to the wilderness (lost years of service) if you are not careful.

James4:8 Come near to God and he will come near to you.
To God be the Glory and Jesus be magnified!  Amen.

Yours truly,
John Ng Gim Ming (HP 91009166)

P/S: If I have erred in sharing this with you all, please forgive me (maybe it is something I should keep to my heart only Mt 17:9 as there are not many who would understand these “unusual” experiences happening in my life).  I need the church’s prayers as I laboured as the eleventh hour worker for the Lord.
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