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Panasonic Closed Circuit Video Equipment System


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The images and content are the copyright of Panasonic Brand name of Matsushita Electric.  

  Summary of CCTV / Security and Surveillance Equipment  - Models  


Dome WV-CS850 WVCS850 WVCS850/G Super Dynamic II Colour Dome Camera WV-CS850/G
Camera WV-CS850 A Series   New Product WVCS850 A Series
  WV-CS854 WVCS854 WVCS854E Super Dynamic II Colour Dome Camera WV-CS854E
WV-CF250 WVCF250 WVCF250/G Super Dynamic DSP Colour Camera WV-CF250/G
WV-CF254 WVCF254 WVCF254E Super Dynamic DSP Colour Camera WV-CF254E
WV-CF202 WVCF202 WVCF202E Micro Dome Colour Camera WV-CF202E
WV-BF102 WVBF102 WVBF102E Micro Dome B/W Camera WV-BF102E
Color Camera WV-CL920 WVCL920 WVCL920/G 1/2-type CCD Colour Surveillance Camera WV-CL920/G


WV-CL924 WVCL924 WVCL924/G 1/2-type CCD Colour Surveillance Camera WV-CL924/G
WV-CP460 WVCP460 WVCP460/G 1/3-type Super Dynamic II  Surveillance Camera WV-CP460/G
WV-CP464 WVCP464 WVCP464E 1/3-type Super Dynamic II  Surveillance Camera WV-CP464E
WV-CP230 WVCP230 WVCP230/G 1/3-type Digital Signal Processing  CCD Camera WV-CP230/G
WV-CP240 WVCP240 WVCP240/G  Replace WV-CP230/G WV-CP240/G
WV-CP160 WVCP160 WVCP160E 1/3-type Super Dynamic II Single-wire VP Camera WV-CP160E
  WV-CP110 WVCP110 WVCP110 1/3-type Colour CCD Single-wire VP Camera WV-CP110
Black & White WV-BP550 WVBP550 WVBP550/G 1/3-type Super Dynamic DSP B/W Camera WV-BP550/G
Camera WV-BP330 WVBP330 WVBP330/G4 1/3-type Digital Signal Processing CCD Camera WV-BP330/G4
  WV-BP130 WVBP130 WVBP130/G4 1/3-type B/W CCD Camera WV-BP130/G4
  WV-BP50 WVBP50 WVBP50 1/3-type B/W CCD Single-wire VP Camera WV-BP50
Covert WV-CF420 WVCF420 WVCF420 Smoke Detector Design Colour Camera WV-CF420
Cameras WV-BF320 WVBF320 WVBF320/G Smoke Detector Design B/W Camera WV-BF320/G
  WV-CF400 WVCF400 WVCF400 PIR design Colour Camera WV-CF400
  WV-BF300 WVBF300 WVBF300/G PIR Design B/W Camera WV-BF300/G
Panasonic WV-CM2080 WVCM2080 WVCM2080/G1 55cm CRT Colour AV Monitor WV-CM2080/G1
Colour Monitor WV-CM1780 WVCM1780 WVCM1780 45cm CRT Colour AV Monitor WV-CM1780
  WV-CM1480 WVCM1480 WVCM1480 40cm CRT Colour AV Monitor WV-CM1480
  WV-CM1420 WVCM1420 WVCM1420/G 37cm CRT Colour AV Monitor WV-CM1420/G
  WV-CM1020 WVCM1020 WVCM1020/G2 25cm CRT Colour AV Monitor WV-CM1020/G2
  WV-CK2020 WVCK2020 WVCK2020 55cm CRT Colour AV Monitor WV-CK2020
  WV-CK1420 WVCK1420 WVCK1420 37cm CRT Colour AV Monitor WV-CK1420
  WV-CM142 WVCM142 WVCM142 37cm Colour Monitor WV-CM142
Black and White WV-BM1910 WVBM1910 WVBM1910/G 51cm CRT B/W Video Monitor WV-BM1910/G
White Monitors WV-BM1700 WVBM1700 WVBM1700/G1 44cm CRT B/W Video Monitor WV-BM1700/G1
  WV-BM1410 WVBM1410 WVBM1410/G1 35cm CRT B/W Video Monitor WV-BM1410/G1
  WV-BM990 WVBM990 WVBM990/G 24cm CRT B/W Video Monitor WV-BM990/G
  WV-BM500 WVBM500 WVBM500/G1 14cm CRT B/W Video Monitor WV-BM500/G1
Time Lapse AG-TL350E AGTL350 AG-TL350  24 hrs  VHS  Time-Lapse  VCR AG-TL350B
Recorder PAL  AG-TL550E AGTL550 AG-TL550  240 hrs VHS  Time-Lapse CCIR standard AG-TL550B


AG-TL700E AGTL700 AG-TL700  170 hrs S-VHS Time-Lapse AG-TL700B
AG-TL750E AGTL750 AG-TL750  Panasonic Time Lapse recorder AG-TL750B
AG-6040E AG6040 AG-6040  480 hrs VHS   Time-Lapse  ITUR standard PAL AG-6040B
AG-6730E AG6730 AG-6730  480 hrs S-VHS Time-Lapse AG-6730
AG-DTL1E AGDTL1 AG-DTL1  960 hrs Digital Time-Lapse  ITUR standard PAL AG-DTL1
Multiplexers WJ-FS616 WJFS616 WJFS616/G Digital Video / Duplex / Colour  Mutliplexer WJ-FS616/G
  WJ-FS216 WJFS216 WJFS216/G Digital Video / Simplex/ B/W  WJ-FS216/G
  WJ-FS416 WJFS416 WJFS416 Digital Video/ Duplex/ Colour  WJ-FS416
  WJ-FS409  WJFS409  WJFS409  Digital Video/ Duplex/ Colour  WJ-FS409 
  WJ-FS116 WJFS116 WJFS116/G Digital Video/ Simplex/ B/W  WJ-FS116/G
  WJ-FS109 WJFS109 WJFS109/G Digital Video/ Simplex/ B/W  WJ-FS109/G
Quad units WJ-MS488 WJMS488 WJMS488 Dual Page Colour Quad WJ-MS488
  WJ-MS424 WJMS424 WJMS424 Colour Quad WJ-MS424
  WJ-410 WJ410 WJ410 B/W Quad WJ-410
Sequential WJ-SQ208 WJSQ208 WJSQ208 Sequential Switcher WJ-SQ208
Video Switcher WJ-SQ308 WJSQ308 WJSQ308 Sequential Switcher WJ-SQ308
  WJ-527 WJ527 WJ527 Sequential Switcher WJ-527
  WJ-200 WJ200/ 200R WJ200B Passive Switcher WJ-200B
WJ-200R   WJ200RB Passive Switcher WJ-200RB
  WJ-205 WJ205 WJ205RB Passive Switcher WJ-205RB
  WJ-SW208 WJSW208 WJSW208 Video Switcher WJ-SW208



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