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Welcome to my personal site. Thank you to take time in viewing through the drawings and details of my personal life. Thanks to share on ideas of bringing comic / art to greater audience. I hope to achieve a level of pride in Singapore's comic industry, which have worked hard but not acquire the deserving level of appreciation.

What's New ...

19 ~ 21 March 2004 had been an exciting 3 days for me in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Nope, it is not about the the election but the annual Sepang F1 Formula Race.

This was my third time there. So Michael won for all three times I was there and nothing fresh to expect. However, much changes was visible in the city. I will roughly go through them with you, maybe you will want to join me next year.

What's On ...

Long awaited movie - Passion of the Christ was scheduled to screen in Singapore on 1st April 2004.

This is the first show under Singapore Censor Board's M18 Classification. Now, that probable allow a few more thousands of Singaporean to watch the show legally. For the younger audience, well, wait a few more years till you are 18.

What's Next ...

Watch out for the following movies, with one particular, personified from Mike Mignola's Comic Creation.

  • Van Helsing
  • Hell Boy
  • Troy
  • Harry Potter

I am not just a movie bluff, but everytime a great comic is cast into movie, it excites me. Err... I am not as thrilled with some superheros put on movies though.

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