I'm Bored
Friday, 25 June 2004

There's exactly 10 days more before school start. I'm really bored. If i tell my mum i'm going out, she would say that i go out too often. She of course wouldn't let me go out too often because she's da one paying for my transport charges.

Yesterday night something happen..My parents was out viewing houses and my sis was still at work...so i was home alone babysitting da baby my mother babysit...My room window was open and the lights are off..i was sitting at the living room near my room(where da window was visible)when i heard some noises..i look into my room and saw da next door boy trying to take something out of da room...he couldn't take watever he wanted to take b'coz i quickly made a dash into my room...he quickly ran away...I wanted to scream & alert everyone but da baby was sleeping..i don't want him to be woken up by my scream...i told my mum abt it of course..then my mum told his guardian(my neighbour)abt it juz tis' morning & she told us to scold him..let me tell you a few things abt tis boy...he's an adopted child...His adopted parents (dont' noe wat happened to them) put them in da care of my neighbour. His adopted parents has no money to put him to school...they only have enough for his younger sister..da boy is supposed to be in primary 6 by now(tat if his in school).Well, is tat an act by a boy who has no education at all?That's why he doesn't know what is right and what is wrong?After tat incident yesterday, i actually feel that i am very fortunate that i can go to school & not end up like tat boy...I also told myself tat when i have my own children, i'll make sure that each one of them gets to go to school even if i have to starve...

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I'm Bored
Tuesday, 22 June 2004

Well, yesterday night i heard a very shocking news.Hawanis told Khairiah then Khairiah told me that Kak SaSha passed away yesterday night at about 10.30p.m...She had a accident.This sounds too real to be true...

Meanwhile, I'm feeling really bored rite now.School is starting only in 2 weeks time, & i have nothing to do except watching vcds well mainly because i watch da same vcds over & over again...u can't blame me for tat...dere's no other vcds to watch..Well anyway did i tell u tat Fitri got a girlfriend. Her name is Shahirah. I haven't really tok to him for quite some time ever since he got a new girl. He's so damn busy with his gerl...If u wanna knoe more read his blog...I'm surprised tat he even update his blog juz to say tat he miss her lah watever lah...Guys...why da heck did i be his friend in da 1st place anyway?

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