We are currently still recruiting, so if you feel up to it, do drop us an email!


.:15/04 0827 - Lineup for up coming BigRed match -:.

  1. Demonic Tiger
  2. Centrion/skyhawk
  3. Lone wolf
  4. mOfO
  5. Da_Kin3
  6. K

-=||GK||=-yournick[AS.1] [Allies:Riflemen,Axis:Rifleman]
-=||GK||=-yournick[AS.2] [Allies:sargent,Axis: support infantry]
-=||GK||=-yournick[SP.1] [Allies:support infantry,Axis:unteroffizer]
-=||GK||=-yournick[SP.2] [Allies:sargent,Axis:Support infantry]
-=||GK||=-yournick[DG.1] [Allies:Machine gunner,Axis:Machine gunner]
-=||GK||=-yournick[DG.2] [Allies:Sniper,Axis:Sniper]

choose one and send it to sg_laguna@hotmail.com asap.


.:01/04 1207 - New Members Aboard -:.

  • Shadowkid,
  • GuD3I2!@n,
  • Siberian Tiger &
  • Magical.

We warmly welcome you guys and hope to see you all in action together.

- Training Days & Times -

As of today, DeathKnight (Terence) has set up a training days and times as follows. All members please take note:

Day & Time
Fridays: 8.30pm
Saturdays: 7.00pm

Server IP
(will be this temporarily)

Note that all those involved are strongly encouraged to attend 2 days, as small attendances make trainings ineffective.



.:06/03 1300 - Welcome -:.
Welcome to the first ever official webbie of the 'Global Krauts'!
This webbie is currently still under contruction for the most parts, but do check back for more updates!

We are currently still recruiting, and welcome friendly matches from everyone and everyone! So do contact us by dropping us an Email and we will make sure we respond back to ya ASAP.

Enjoy the webbie while you are here and happy fragging!

Bis Bald!