Happy birthday Singapore - A resolution

In the the midst of economic recovery, we are celebrating our national day tomorrow,

during the past months we are just recovering from the worst recession since

independent. Many people have expressed and complained about the harsh conditions and

stress in life. just like to share my views on this land, the values , culture and

more importantly what improvement can be made to ensure we can have a brighter future

for all of us. Below is some of my personal view on the following topics. Be fair to

Singapore in some area also. This land has offer us peace and security that many has

taken for granted so long. The stability in this land can be top in the world and

makes Singapore a wonderful place to invest and store our assets. though Singapore

has many area that lags other nations. I believe everyone of us has the duties and

reponsibilies to improves them, if we depends on solely on our goverment.Do not think

any foreign ppl to improve the conditions for us. (there is no free lunch in this


National cohesiveness , racial and religion harmony


United we stand and scatter we fall is just a simple fact that even most kids will

know. to improve the state of bonding between our people , we should recognize

each other differences, have tolerant towards others race's culture, religions.

Steps to improve this

-1. National education - pairing different ethnic group to work together since


-2. instill tolerant thinking since young.

A proposed investment plan for Singaporeans


We should linked our nation service man' pay with market rate, many worry that is

a burden, but policies can be adjusted to ensure everyone who enjoys the benefits has

in returns pays for he has enjoys. be there a two components to a national

serviceman's pay. do tell my that our nation no $$$ , got $$$ invest in Suzhou

and property .. hahaha .no $$$ to invest in citizens that contributed in this land.


examples a fresh poly grad. gets $ 1400 per month

a 'A' level fresh grad gets $1200 per month

his monthly national service pay will be 40% cash

60% will national service bonus shares


so he will gets $600 cash and $800 NS shares in pay

upon ORD, that amount of will become ns shares that can be used for , the sum will

be amortizes over his reserves years( cannot one shot take out).

1. further education or SDF courses

2. Medical expenses ( eg. payment for childbirth

pro-family ,age-parent medical bills)

3. HDB flats payments when out of jobs.



Foreign Talents


In this ever-increasing globalization , human resources and the fight for talents is

ever tough the before.

let have a clear definition of the word "talents" . Is it somebody that hold a

tertiary education in other foreign land are called "foreign talent". the word

foreign talent is ambiguous in nature and no really going to improve the state

of economic here,

examples. John olds left DBS, Berry white Left Chartered Semiconductors leaving a

the value of every ordinary shares plunge to $2plus from

an IPO of $3.40.

The fact is we need foreigners to work in Singapore especially contributing

professionals not tom ,dick or harry that knows marketing strategies as their only

forte. Actions and results speaks louder than words.

Type of talents Singapore should absorbs

NUS biomedical scientists ------ Mr. ito ( from Japan )

He brought his group of researchers to Singapore in the area of his expertise.

No point getting those peoples to singapore to leech on our precious resoureces.




Some old turtle always wanted to cut our water supply when extortion failed.

large water public project like super under ground storage cannels for new water.

we must be self-reliance. land reclaim our offshore islands to form a super reservoir

and implement projects like the moody project in India , In this superervior ,

hydroculture like fish and seafood rearing, agriculture and in years to come

the salt content will be lessen and proven one day part by part can be transform from

a service reservoir to a catchments reservoir.


Happy birthday Singapore


Happy birthday Singapore , may we have many good year of peace , prosperity

and happiness for all.