Web Page Design Service

Following some comments and enquiries I've heard from other people, I'm offering a simple web page design and maintenance service!


  • You have some free web space provided by your ISP and don't know how to use it.
  • You'd like to have a web page to advertise your work or leisure interests
  • You know what to say but don't know enough about HTML or have the other skills to make it into a web page.
  • You like the way I've done mine and others
  • You haven't the time to learn how to do it for yourself
  • You don't want to spend money on scanners, books, software packages and the like.
  • You can't afford to pay a lot of money for a full scale graphics design exercise (often not appropriate for web pages anyway)

What I Can do What I Don't Do
(if I can possibly help it)
  • Create simple, effective, colorful web pages that should be perfectly readable and make sense with any browser.
  • Demonstrate what the pages will look like by placing them on a temporary site, if required, or by arranging for you to view them directly with your own or another computer.
  • Scan your logo, photographs or other graphic images, and convert them into a suitable form for inclusion in your pages.
  • Test the pages with several different web browsers to make sure everybody will see them properly
  • Include links to other pages anywhere on the web, if required.
  • Make periodic updates as and when you supply me with the information.
  • Register the pages with the leading search engines so people will find them by keyword searches
  • Include a tasteful and unobtrusive footer showing, when last updated and a "created by..." link to this page.
  • Show you how to do all the above, so you can continue to keep the page up to date. That includes pointing you to (or downloading and printing) some chosen examples of the many guides available on the web.
  • Include some basic common Java scripts.
  • Sell you the space where your pages will be kept (though I might be able to advise)
  • Custom CGI Scripts, Java
  • Microsoft, Netscape or other proprietary special effects that won't work on everybody's web browser. That includes ActiveX components.
  • Things that require programming on the server side.
  • Charge the earth for my services!
  • Cover your your page up with adverts for other services to reduce costs/make money (unless you want me to do that!)
  • Make huge pages with massive graphic images that take for ever to download.
  • Deal with email enquiries about your own business advertised on your site. You need at least an email address of your own if you want folks to send messages, enquiries or orders.
If you want to know more, email me at  huaiyi@hotmail.com or phone 5644379  and we'll negotiate!

the principle for design charges is by hourly rate of  accomplishment of web pages.

Examples of my Work

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