Hall Of Mantras
Welcome to the hall of Mantras! In this hall, you will learn to recite the names of some holy Taoist deites to help you fulfill your wish, ward off evil spirits, escape disasters and many more!
Don't worry, the mantras here are safe. Celestial Lord Of Creations (Yuan Shi Tian Zun) is here to guide you. He is one of the Trinity Of Purity.
- In times of danger recite the name of Celestial Lord Of Creation : YU QING TIAN BAO JUN YUAN SHI TIAN ZUN
- In times when facing bandits, robbery or conflicts, recite the name of the Heavenly Thunder God General. you can also recite when you encounter ghostly experience.
- To gain wisdom, recite the holy name of Lord Lao Zi.
Celestial Lord Of Virtue :TAI QING SHENG BAO JUN DAO DE TIAN ZUN. Recite every day in the moring and before bed 30 times.
-Hoping someone to ease your all kinds of hardships and forgive you sins? Recite Jade Emperor's name regularly and in times of difficulties!
-Wishing to led a good life, gain enlightenment faster and free from hardship? Recite the general name of the seven holy stars in the North Dipper. :DA SHEN BEI DOU XIAO ZHAI YAN SHOU TIAN ZUN
-When one is at the deathbed or your loved one had passed away, recite the name of Lord Tai Yi to help the passed away be free from sufferings and go to heaven.
Benevolence Lord Tai Yi: TAI YI XUN SHEN JIU KU TIAN ZUN.
repent for the sins
A word of advice : a true and kind heart must be presence in order to let the holy names bless you when you recite. Futhermore, always VISUALIZE as you recite and think that the specific deity has arrive to help you. In this way, all your problems will be solve. Hoever, we must still play our part to solve our problems or acheive our goals as we recite and pray. Imagine a person praying for good acadamic result but refuse to study! Lastly one must also do good deeds, eliminate bad habits and thoughts and futhermore ask for forgivness for the sins created. It is because all things are inter-related and you reap what you sow. The bad lucks or suffering are sometimes retributions cause and effect karmic relations of what you done now or in past lives. Remember, pray and recite sincerely, repent and work hard. All sufferings will be eliminate and wish be fulfilled if one follow these three steps.
An upright heart is very important

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