Hall Of Patriarchs
Here we have three great patriarchs of Taoism. The first is the Yellow Emperor Huang Di. Ancestor of the Chinese. First developed a proper imperial system of running a govt. Establish proper ceremonies and rituals. Also came out with many system of measurments. Then we have Heavenly Grand Master Zhang. A Taoist priest in the Han dynasty. Following the Yellow Emperor's rules on ceremonies and rituals and the teaching of Lord Lao Zi, Master Zhang officially establish Taoism. Came out with a sect called 'Five Pecks Of Rice' sect. The fee to join was of course five pecks of rice. This later became the Northern Sect which many other Taoist sect formed together. They emphasize more on the rituals. While the Southern Sect, lead by another patriarch Grand Patriarch Lu Dong bin. Founder of the 'Absolute Truth' sect. Which formed the Southern sect with other Taoist sects. They on the other hand emphasize more on the holy scriptures and teachings, These two sects catogorized all the small Taoist sects in Taoism. This system lasted until recent years when they merged together. The teaching of Master Lu must be emphasize here cos he had a wonderful teaching that merged the teavhing of Taoism, Buddhism and teaching of Confucius together. As the three of them have the same principal. Feel free to look into it and you will agree to Master Lu. Many Taoist, Buddhist or Chinese families have adopt this teaching.
Heavenly Grand Master Zhang. According to Taoist scriptures, Master Zhang recieved the direct order by Lord Lao Zi to establish Taoism according to his teaching and the code of law of Taoist rituals by Huang Di. Master Zhang was a fantastic demon slayer and forced the demons to vow never to appear durring daytime and active only at night. Master Zhang done countless good deeds and using his energy, created a elxir. Which he consuned it and gain immortality
The Great Sacred Tao
Yellow Emperor Huang Di. Ancestor of Chinese. father of rituals for Taoism
Grand Master Lu Dong Bin. One of the Eight Immortals. His teaching had such great influcence on Taoismand the Chinese that modern Taoist and Chinese have adopt his teaching. He, like Master Zhang, a great demon slayer too.