Hall Of Jade Emperor
Here, you find some famous deities to help you solve your problems. Lord Guan, the  Devil Slayer and God Of War is a all-rounded deity. He was enlightened by a Buddhist Monk after his death and became a Guardian deity in both Taoism and Buddhism.
Jade Emperor(Yu Huang Shang Di). A prince in another world. He was devoted to Taoism and learned the Tao. After countless time, he finally gained immortality and promot to Jade Emperor because of hs great cultivation and good deeds. As a Jade Emperor, he even bowed down to respect Lord Buddha and learn Buddhism. Cos he feel Taoism and  Buddhism have the same teachings. Almost 90%. What a humble and benevolence god of all gods! He vowed to protect all Taoist and Buddhist out of respect for these two religion.
Great Benevolence Lord Tai Yi. A benevolence respected deity in heaven that  vowed to eliminate all sufferings of all beings. He put extra effort in saving the beings in hell and lead the death to heaven or reincarnate to a better life form like Human or Deity. So those who wish to pray for the passed away, dedicate your prayers to Lord Tai Yi!
Jade Emperor (Yu Huang Shang Di). God of all gods. Emperor of all time.
Marvellous Physcian Lord Bao Sheng. Agreat deity. In the past he was a Taoist priest and also a great physcian. Help to cure his fellow villagers and exorcist evil spirits. Bao Sheng in chinese pratically called guranttee alive. Those who are sick pray to him!