Lord Guan Hall
Now, many one our fellow Taoist friends, do not really know how to pray, even some do not even know that they have the ablity to pray! They thought only Christians, Muslims and other religion pray while Taoist no need.
However, the fact is ...Taoist NEED to pray! The reason we are Taoist cos we believe in Lord Lao Zi teachings on the way of Tao and respect to Buddhas and Taoist Deities who follow the Tao. Thus, we must comunicate to the deities and the Tao. So that they guide us in our life. If not, we will be a lost lamb.
Start your daily prayers by praying every morning and before bed. Start by reciting the holy names of the Trinity.
>Celestial Lord Of Creations(Yuan Shi Tian Zun)
>Celestial Lord Of Spiritual Treasure(Ling Bao Tian Zun)
>Celestial Lord Of Virtue Lord Lao Zi(Dao De Tian Zun)
Then, simply pray and say what's in your mind. Pray for wisdom, guidiance and peace etc. Alternatively, we can dedicate to certain deities we like out of respect or special reasons. So, simply recite the deities name after reciting the names of the Trinity. But remember as you pray, visualize the Trinity and the deities you have called, in the sky above you and listening to your prayers.
No need a super clear one, a rough one will do. The image will improve as day goes by. Cos the holy Tao will guide you. At the end, just said the following phrase:" In the name of the Celestial Lord Of Virtue Lord Lao Zi, i pray." Yes, it' so simple. Just the name of Lao Zi is enough to close the session. No matter how many deities you pray to. Also don't forget to transfer the merit of praying to all beings and yourselve. So that we all get the blessing of the Tao.Place your palms together and pray now!
God Of Cultural Lord WenChang. He is the holy divine spirit of six major stars up in the sky. In heaven, he is the Chief Secretary of Jade Emperor. He helps people in their studies and promotions for people working in white collar jobs like offices, banks govt etc. He had came to this world in acient China to spread the holy teachings and save mankind a few times. A great caring deity. Dedicate your prayers to him!
Dragon-Tiger Altar Guardian Marshall Zhao. A loyal general in the Shang dynasty. Also a Taoist priest. A pity that he pleage his loyalty to a Kong Zhou, a evil king. Thus he was subdued by Jiang Ziya, a senior Taoist priest and a deity who carried out the Deification on all deities by the order of Jade Emperor. On the account of his valour, jiang Ziya gave hima post.
God Of War Lord Guan. A famous general during the Three Kingdoms period in ancient China. He was the reincarnation of a god in the past. Holding a green dragon broad spear, he eliminate our sorrows and evil spirits. Dedicate your prayers to him! He is a rightous god whom grat name spread to all parts of world . Even people in US started praying to him during this few years!
Mdm Ling Shui. A female, Taosit prietress in ancient China. Possessed special powers and used them to save her fellow villagers. Those pregnant ladies sought her help to bless them so that their babies will come to this world safely. Mdm Ling Shui in the past attained immortality after being enlightened by Goddess Of Mercy( Avalokiteshvara bodhisattva). So she is indeed a merciful deity.