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Friday, 18 April 2003

Forgot the Word of the day today! Added photos of myself and my shoes. Click here to have a look.

Thursday, 17 April 2003

Added more links!

Wednesday, 16 April 2003

Added Tips on Toe Shoes and other stuff (I can't really remember what I put on new.).

Tuesday, 15 April 2003

I've added new pictures and some stuff in reads. I've also added a tag-board, so remember to sign it! More coming soon!! Bye!! (BTW, for those of you wondering who the dancer in the background is, it's Lucia Lacarra.)

Monday, 14 April 2003

Set up this website and put it in the web. TT4N !!

Word of the day

Friday, 16th July 2004

[bahl-lay-REE-rlah (Italian)]
A principal female dancer in a ballet company. In the days of the Russian Imperial Theatres the title was given to the outstanding soloists who danced the chief classical roles. At the Maryinski Theatre in St. Petersburg the ballet company consisted of ballerinas, premiers danseurs, first and second soloists, coryphees and corps de ballet.

Friday, 18th July 2003


[a-lay-GROH; Italian: al-LAY-groh].  Brisk, lively. 

A term applied to all bright and brisk movements.  All steps of elevation such as the entrechat, cabriole, assemble, jete and so on, come under this classification.  The majority of dances, both solo and group, are built on allegro.  The most important qualities to aim at in allegro are lightness, smoothness and ballon.

Thursday, 17 April 2003

A performer with great technical ability.

Wednesday, 16 April 2003

Demi-pointes, sur les
[sewr lay duh-mee-PWENT]
On the half-points. Indicates that the dancer is to stand high on the balls of the feet and under part of the toes. Also used in the singular, "sur la demi-pointe."

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