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I describe myself as a wonderer, a dreamer. I am truly passionate and faithful to the man whom I really love and whom is worthy of me and whom I am so proud of. Sometimes I'm a little afraid of myself,coz I am ridiculously crazy so please dont promise me forever, dont promise me the sun and the sky, dont promise me you will never make me cry. Despite the above I can admit that I am stubborn in my way and I have my own attitude.I dont give a damn about you if you aint gona treat me right,I dont give a damn about you if you aint appreciate my "love"
If the sky opened up for me,
And the mountain disappeared,
If the seas ran dry, turned to dust.And the sun refused to rise,I would still find my way,If the years take away
every memory that I have
I would still know the way
I dont really fixed any particular hobbies and interests for myself. But I enjoy the finest things in life. I am a fragrance lover; I have all sorts of perfumes and lotions to pamper my body after a warm shower ,after a long day in school.Perfumes are never never enough for me.*Grin*
I enjoy the accompany of my sweet girlfriends for a coffee, a session of singing, girls'talk and blar blar blar however I am the type of girl whom really needs alot of selfspace, I dont like to be tag along for 24/7. It will piss the freak out of me. You will be surprised that I love to read alot too (but not school text books, hahahah)or else I will end up snooring !
I am picky and fussy, but I can be nice and sweet. *Grin*
I like surprises and love to surprise my sweet friends and my family members.It can add ingredients to the relationship.
I treasure friendship and kinship deeply. My family members come first cos I am a very "family" person. *Grin* I appreciate my love. And I appreciate every little things people have done for me. A few friends of mine are always there by myside, they are my heart and my souls. Thank you my friends!
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