valentine roses for sale!
Valentine Day is round the corner.. Have you decided to buy anything for your dearest babe?  Well, now is the time to do so, if you have not already done so.   Hesitate any longer and you will face the sweet music from your girlfriend, when u turn up with nothing at all!   A little thought goes very far, the love that you wish to convey to your honey can be transmitted via a sweet lollipop of ribbon roses! 

The choice of colours is entirely up to you to decide, u can have the lollipop in a mixed assortment of colours from these selections: baby blue, baby pink, red, white and yellow. Order before Wednesday and delivery charges ($5) to NTU will be waived.   Collection will be in canteen A, B or 3 on this coming Friday/Sat.   External delivery is also available to all MRT stations, at an additional fee of $5.

The lollipop rose is available at a price of $30 (excluding delivery charges).    Each stalk consists of 99 specially handmade roses, meaning I love you forever.  Also available is the $45 (excluding delivery charges) version with 142 roses, the number in Chinese means I love you so deeply.
Each stalk is 12cm long and the ball is 9cm in diameter.

A deposit of $30 must be placed at the time of order, before the collection of roses, via atm transfer.   Interested, please sms Toh at 98780721now.
Pink and white roses

Blue and yellow roses
Blue and Yellow roses 2