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Change of schedule

There is a change of schedule to avoid the crash with the examination preparation period.  The following lessons are affected as shown.

SEVEN 7 APRIL 2001 22 MAR 2001
EIGHT 14 APR 2001 7 APR 2001
NINE 21 APR 2001 14 APR 2001
TEN 28 APR 2001 21 APR 2001

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Uploading of company homepage

All students are reminded to upload their company homepage by 10 March 2001.  Web site address is to made known to the committee member.



Respective email address for trainer and departmental staff-in- charge are now available at the contact page.   Feel free to raise your query or share your view.


Outstanding Cash Awards

With immediate effect,there will be outstanding awards for each hands-on assignment.   The products will also be showcased  in the most creative homepage .  So stretch your creative limit for the challenge.

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Sharing your ideas

Do you encounter any inconvenices in your daily life?  Are you unhappy about the appliances, stationary, handphone and carrier and etc? Can you help to improve the situation.

Yes, post your view to the webmaster and let the rest come out a solution.



Send mail to webmaster with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: March 09, 2001