They say that there is much satisfaction to be derived from nurturing someone and watching him or her grow.  The same can be said of plants, gardens.... or pets.  For the past 60 months or so, (since Oct 2002,) I have given much in the bringing up of a puppy.  However, I have received much more in return.
TIMOTHY, handsome teenager, meets SASA for the first time, July 21st, 2005.
The First  Month, October 2002
She is beautiful to me.  Just LOOKING AT HER gives me joy beyond description.  LOOKING AFTER HER is no easy task but it is well worth the effort and I can never thank God enough for bringing her into my life.  When friends and visitors take a liking to her, I am overjoyed.
DARSHANYA, our neighbour's little daughter is a real darling.