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My name is Jenna (People usually call me Jen). Currently i'm jobless, and is finding a job. I've graduated with an Advance Diploma in Business Administration from a private institution in singapore. I'm attending a faith-filled church in singapore called CITY HARVEST CHURCH.
I luv.. christian music, especially from Hillsongs and Seam of Gold.. Full of anointing :) But I also like to play the guitar. Years back i took up the organ, but gave it up as it's too expensive to learn. I love swimming and canoeing but .. hee.. i don't do that very often.
My family members consists of my parents and my brother. My parents are married for 22 years already. My brother is 4 years younger than me; he's currently 17 years old. There are about 17 cell-group members in my cellgroup (N117) and the age is between 12 to 24.
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