__wIsHinG oN tHe sTaR, YeaR 2005*


Pamper ME:
- Biotherm's ACNOPUR Moisturizing Regulating Care
- SK-II Facial Treatment Mask

Dress ME:
- Dress from PaperDoll or PepperPlus
- Cut my hair
do my demore hair look appealing now?
- Earring
- Sun Shade

Bag ME:
- iPod  
got a 2nd hand at a bashing $350 onli!
- Backpac
- a tote Bag

Colour ME:
- Gold Shimmer Eye Shadow (MAC/ Bodyshop)
- Shiseido PN eye shadow
- Stilia Lip Graze in orange

Take ME away:
- Honeymood short getaway to Malaysia with sweetie
- Australia tour with SJC babes
ohhh... how do i go for holidays now
with that tummy of mine =,(
please enjoy ur trip, my darlings if you
girls are planning one.

The Soul In ME:
- Devotion to God and learn to make Jesus a part of me
- Convert to Catholic

Wholefully Complete ME:
- Pass my Jap Elementary exam
Ok, I kick my ass from the course
admit it, who will be in the mood to
study when you have a ball infort?

- Learn Mummy's Yoga
- Go for Regular swimming and Cycling

iPoD Collection:
- Liang Jing Ru's songs
- Jay Zhou's songs
- more songs frm different genes

Grown Up ME:
- Learn to cook more dinner
- Do more housework
- Tutor Brothers

For My Baby!
- I want to know PINK or BLUE!
- Hope that baby is healthy
- Cute Clothes!
- Please pamper baby please EVERYONE~