How do I make words scroll across the page?
Copy the code below and you will get this:
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You can change the direction you want the page to scroll to by changing it to up, down or right.

You can make a marquee go back and forth between the margins.
jeyandy's blog designs

For this marquee, the text will slide in from the right and stop at the left margin.
jeyandy's blog designs. You need to reload the page to see it in action.

How do you make a page unrightclickable?

How do you remove the underline on your text links?
Note: Put it ONCE on your page, and it changes ALL your links.

Where it says "text-decoration:none", that can be changed to many different codes such as underline, overline, line-through, bold, etc., depending on how you want your link to look. You can change any, or all of the text-decorations to be different and you can also put more than one text decoration too. You can also change the color of your link by changing the color:"blue" part of the code to give your links different colors.

If you use the code provided above, the the links will be plain, non-underlined and blue or you can change the part where it says "text-decoration:none" and the color:"blue" on each line of the code to one of the following below.

Code to replace "text-decoration:none" with Code to replace "text-decoration:none" with Which gives your link a...
text-decoration:underline underline
text-decoration:underline overline underline & overline
background-color:COLORHERE background color
text-decoration:line-through slashed out

You can also add the following code... You can also add the following code... Which gives your link a...
cursor:crosshair; cross cursor
cursor:n-resize; cursor points up
cursor:s-resize; cursor points down
cursor:w-resize; cursor points left
cursor:e-resize; cursor points right
cursor:wait; hourglass cursor
font-size:#pt; sized text
font-weight:bold; bold font
font-weight:italic; italics text

How can I change the cursor to something other than the normal arrow?

Options: Try out different cursors by replacing the cursor:"crosshair" part in the tag to any of these.

cursor: hand;
cursor: move;
cursor: text;
cursor: wait;
cursor: help;
cursor: e-resize;
cursor: ne-resize;
cursor: n-resize;
cursor: nw-resize;
cursor: w-resize;
cursor: sw-resize;
cursor: s-resize;
cursor: se-resize;
cursor: crosshair;
cursor: auto;
cursor: default;

How do I make words scroll across the page heading?
Click here to see an example.
Note: Put it under the <title></title> tags.

How do I add glowing text?
jeyandy's blog designs
You can change the font, glow strength and colour.

How do I make words appear on the status bar?
Click here to see an example.