Its was 1992, My first day in Loyang Primary School. My parents chose to let me study in this school because my cousin was in the same school. In primary 4, there is a streaming, I have been stream into EM2. I participate in a lot of activities; I took part in the Science Club Activities. I was a member of the basketball team. Finally the big exam have come, Primary School Leaving Examination (P.S.L.E). I passed my P.S.L.E but not with flying colour. I am promoted to Secondary School.

       P.S.L.E  Result
English  : B
Chinese : A
Math     : A
Science : A

               My Awards
Young Mathematician Badge
Young Zoologist Badge 
Young Botanist Badge
Young Ornithologist

 This is my P.S.L.E. Click to Enlarge

  I graduated from Primary school in 1997 and step into Pasir Ris Secondary. I join the Chinese Orchestral and basketball. I join the Chinese Orchestral because I have been psycho by my form teacher, but my interest is basketball so I join basketball as well. In secondary I also took up some activities, like the Australian math as well as OBS. I took up Pure Science (Bio,Phy,Chem) as well as A Math. All 2 years of study is for this main exam, O' Level.

         O' Level   Results

English   : C6

Chinese : B4

E. Math  : A2

A. Math  : A2

Geo        : B3

Chem.    : A2

Phy         : B3

Bio          : B3

       My Achievement 
Australian Math competition(1998)(1999) (2001)(credit throughout)
National Chinese Music Competition(2000)(3rd)
Student leader (2000)
 Peer Programme(2000) 
Basketball school team take part in East Zone compition(2001)

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