I am Ho Jia Xian. I came to this world on the 3rd of June 1985. My horoscope is Gemini. Geminians are playful, talkative and curious. Well all the above qualities describe me very well. On the right there is a picture of me currently.
Time flies. I remember I was taking my P.S.L.E, then O' Level then I am in polytechnic now. I am now in Temasek Polytechnic. Life in Poly is relaxing. Maybe too relaxing that I keep feeling tired. Not like secondary school, Poly have a shorter study time, you have more freedom as to what to do. If I am able to choose where to I would chose to stay in secondary school. Because in secondary school I have more fun, we play, study together, and most important is, we don't have the 'gap' between each other, we just speak our mind out.