28 Apr 04 | 2.4km run


had remedial training today, due to me not participating in IPPT. ran like hell and in the end i clock at 15.22min for my 2.4km run. wat's up wit that? i put in more effort tis morning. wah liao!
nothing much brewing in the office today. had to recalculate some figures here and there. thought of meeting up wit my gf after work but she's meeting up with her best friends for dinner somewhere. been a while since i met her on Sunday.
my MP3 player is working well now so going to bring to work from now on. It was having a glitch with its button 2 months ago and I thought of giving it another chance to work again. and it work just fine on last Saturday. me happy for this.
its raining now. it's not been raining in the evening for quite a while. gonna take a shower now, just came back from work.

gtg now. ps: missing her dearly

25 Apr 04 | Amirans Cafe
met up with Jiamin, Wenqi, Boshen and Yaoci for dinner @Amirans Cafe last nite. It was great catching up thigns with them. Supposedly Peiyi and Gani also joining us but there were last minute things to do.
Gani was on stand by mode probably caused by the Nicoll Highway Cave-in incident that he has to go on standby.
It was quite fun hanging out with these peeps. Lots of laughing and lame jokes throwing at each other. I had surf and turf, consists of a steak, crayfish, corn and carrots.
After the Amirans hang out at Swensens for more toking. It was great hanging out with them. I appreciate them for coming to this gathering. Miss the softball days in Ngeeann, so much fun.

gtg now. p.s.: miss my girl lots...

18 Apr 04 | its been a while
its been a while since i wrote on this blog. my life changed a lot for the past 6 months. enlisted last Aug and now been posted at SAFTI MI as RP. yup RP, where I have to guard the entrance gate.

gtg now....


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