Thoughts... dedicated to my dear girl






I dreamt of her last night...
We were so happy,
For a moment my worries were gone
When I see her again like that.
That secret smile and those glistening eyes looking back at me.
She was so real in my dreams,
I could feel her,
Touch her and it all seems so surreal at that moment.
Filled with her laughter and her secret smile for me,
I've never felt so ease like this before in my dreams.
She's my sunshine that ray of light in my life,
Just by looking at her I knew that she might be the one for me.
I miss those days when it's just a day with smiles and laughter,
I miss her so much that I actually dreamt about it.
Those special moments when we spent togerther,
Happiness filled in my heart.

Since the day I met her,
She filled my heart with love and warmthness.
No one cared for me like she does.

I wish I knew what's going through on her mind everytime we're together.
I miss her....

P.s: Wishing you a 4th Month Anniversary to my dear sayang.

- 7th February 2004


I will be thinkin bout u everyday,
in watever i do and
you will always be on my mind 24/7.
I dun wanna loose you,
cos i think you're the only person i wanna share my life with.

the moment we got together,
I have never tought you would be this special in my heart.
the hurt i'm feeling inside can't be describe
and I can imagine that u feel it too somehow.

You brought happiness to my life,
You make me smile and threw my worries away,
I will miss your smile, your laughter, your eyes, your lips,
Miss the way u make me warm when i'm cold,
Everytime u hold me tight ensures your feeling bout me.
Gonna miss you lots.

- 11th December 2003