The small island where I was borned and
raised. After being away for almost 8 years,
living at home does feel a little awkward.
Ever been to a conference surrounded by
techies? You really need to go to the
bathroom during the break, and by the time
you were out, everyone has formed into
groups where non of the people bothered to
bring you into their circle.
Welcome home, you're on your own.

The bridge right by Riverside View. Very interesting structure.
One of the oldest bridge in Singapore. Sadly enough, Daimaru is pulling
out from Singapore.
I believe most of my toys were bought from there.
Some line-dancing activities going on at Riverside Point.
They were enjoyable to watch.
Hooters Singapore,
not the best place
to bring your date.
Maybe it's ok for
a bachelor's party.


A sculpture about some trading going on between a Chinese and a
British trader.
I have no clue what this sculpture is all about, but it sure looks cool.
Sir Stanford Raffles, the spot where he was believed to have landed in Singapore in 1819.
Singapore River facing Boat Quay. Restaurants along the river are bustling with tourists.

Picture taken
from another angle.
Anderson Bridge, there used to be hawker stalls on both sides of the bridge.
Too bad they were gone.
Cavenagh Bridge that connects Fullerton Hotel and Victoria Concert Hall.
Esplanade Bridge connects the Esplanade and the Merlion.

The Esplanade, some praise it's intricacy, others call them a pair of durians or bug eyes.
Singapore skyline, ok, we don't really work on Sunday nights. So maybe I shall take this picture again on monday.
Benjamin Sheares Bridge,
I think this bridge is the probably the busiest bridge.
Bedok Jetty, I used to fish here overnight. Perfect place to chill-out during sunset.

When will I get to
leave again?
Terminal 2
at the MRT

All pictures taken by Kerk Ling © 2002


2002 K e r k