Mari kita bermain Golf untuk kesenangan yang kehidupan manusia!

We are looking for improvement of golf technique such as finishing within two pats on the green, taking one shot out of bunker,one shot on the green at short hall, not shot a ball out of boundary,or over yellow stake, or into pond,or not lost a ball,etc.and enjoy playing golf with promotion of friendship among the players. Why don!t you join us ? You are quite welcome to join our golf circle!

Our purpose is as follows:-

We are usually playing golf twice or three times a month,taking choice of the most discounted day at the various courses such as Tokyo Itsukaiti Country Club,Tsurugashima Golf Club, Joubu Country Club, Ithihara Keikyu Country Club,Hon-Chiba Country Club and Izumi Country Club around Tokyo area in Japan.

The Schedule in April is as follows:-(1) Tokyo Itsukaichi CC on Monday,April 5,(2)Chiba Kokusai CC on Monday,April 12,(3) Zama Camp GC on Monday,April 26. For further information,please look at the schedule of our competition.