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     Welcome y'all! You have reached the website of Jody Chu. Whether you're here cuz I've passed you this URL, someone who's decided to run a background check on moi, or some form of stalker, there's something at my homepage for all of you! (Scary, isn't it?)
- Dante (1265 - 1342 AD)


Text Box: - Dante (1265 - 1342 AD)

    Anywayz, this isn't my very 1st attempt at a website, but it IS my first attempt using Microsoft FrontPage!! Oh, the horror! No more having to write in HTML anymore!

    This site is still a work in progress, there used to be pretty much nothing here, but now there's my journal and gallery for everyone to take a peak at. It's basically for people who genuinely wants to know what's been happening with me. I wouldn't dream of forcing this stuff onto you. If I did, I'd invite you over in disguise of dinner and then make you look through my albums and watch my slide shows! Bwahahahahaha!  

    And please sign my guest book! I'd like to know who's come by and had a browse around!