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Recession abating in US and Japan - 8 June 2009

Recent economic reports continue to show that the worst of the recession is probably over for the United States and Japan. More

Worst looks over for Japanese economy - 18 May 2009

Japan's economy contracted dramatically in the fourth quarter of 2008 and the first quarter of 2009 but recent reports indicate that the economy may have seen the worst. More

Stress tests for banks over, stocks next? - 11 May 2009

The stress tests conducted by federal regulators on banks in the United States have been completed and the results gave the stock market little reason to stop its recent positive run. Still, neither the economy nor the stock market is necessarily out of the woods yet. More

Bear market rallies - 28 April 2009

The rally in the stock market from early March has been impressive but it is hard to conclude from it alone that we have seen the bottom in the market. More


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